Decorative hardware production and trade


Asimetriska un ar portfeļkabatām un simetriska un vispār bez kabatām.

                                                  IZVĒLIES NU!


Esam spējuši sapludināt robežas starp iekštelpu un ārtelpu mēbelēm, piedāvājot funkcionālus, modernus risinājumus, kas atbilst gan biroja kultūras, gan mūsdienu mājas un viesmīlības videi.

Combination of metal, wood and glass,

small amount of paint, regular arrangement of geometric shapes.

That defines modern minimalism in any design.

We were able to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor furniture by offering functional, modern solutions, that conform to both office culture and contemporary home and hospitality environment.


Bright ideas about creating your living space – hall, kitchen, attic and each room in your house.


Transform your porch, terrace and yard with style – for entertainment, relaxing recreation, endless beauty and peace.


Eclectic style, variety of forms and textures will transform any commercial property into unforgettable moment for your guests – from one corner to another.




From the 27th to the 29th of April, 2018 we will meet in the exhibition  




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